madhushree’s portfolio

written work

A Socialist Case for Sports

non-fiction, sports, socialism

On Women Dynasts and Widows’ Succession in Indian Politics

non-fiction, dynastic politics, gender

The need for evolution in Indian Design pedagogy

non-fiction, dynastic politics, gender


Woman Politicians: Dynasties and Antecedents

qualitative research, dataset management, gender, political science

KidZee Preschool

qualitative research, UX research, education

NABARD Impact Evaluation

qualitative research, microfinance, gender, rural development in India

design, art, curation

The Digital Patrakar Defence Clinic

website design


website design, social media

Drawww Media

graphic design, packaging design, social media


curation, literature, film, art

the word is map

curation, poetry

overwhelmed by work

art, illustration, pandemic


art, filmmaking, editing, cinematography, direction, scriptwriting